Tennessee Protection Agency, Inc.


"The Protection Advantage"


Without it where would you be?

Fire, theft, unauthorized entry, vagrants, these are just a few things that can affect your property. being the staple of most businesses your property tell the customer who your are. keep it top notch by utilizing a team or even a single Officer to keep up with those issues affecting your property. Out Officers are trained to your with you, your maintenance staff, employees, and even your clients to ensure your property projects the right image for you and your business. Call us today for on onsite consultation to see where we can help protect this important asset to your business.


the MOST important asset in your business

From the Housekeeping when your gone to the accountant keeping your finances on track. Your people are the most important asset. Without them where would you be? Help protect these people and show them your dedication to them by providing a safety barrier between them and the danger in the work place. and your customers? They deserve that same dedication and protection. Weather your a warehouse, service station, or pop star, your customers look to you for a product or service delivered safely. Let use here at Tennessee Protection Agency provide that safety for your most important Assets.

Asset Protection

Your people, places, inventory, and equipment

are your most important asset. Protect them and see protection in yourself. With Tennessee Protection Agency's asset protect we devise a plan with you in mind.  


The final key to your assets

your inventory includes more than just your final product or service, but also the equipment needed to complete them. From office supplies to a fleet of vehicles we can help insure they are all accounted for and are not "walking off". From random inventory to hourly checks we can sit down with your and created a plan to insure the security of your inventory.

All of these plans together will create a secure site and a positive asset plan. Contact us today for a consultation.