Tennessee Protection Agency, Inc.


"The Protection Advantage"

Charles l. grider


I am a small business owner and father. Splitting my time between running a business and raising my little girl Kayla Jade Grider. I have raised 4 other children through life's up and downs. I moved to Tennessee from Texas in 1995 with just a van, 4 kids, and a wife. Our first year in Tennessee, our van is where we called home. the reason for telling you this is I know life and the reality of it. I started as a security officer and moved up to supervisor while providing body removal for the Medical Examiner's office. I volunteered through the Office of Emergency Management handling the disasters of mother nature, drowning, and crowd control. I have seen life in the 60's through now in 2014, all the changes through time.

          Time changes so quickly but I am a true believer in doing the best you can in life no matter what comes your direction, treat everyone with respect, keep a good heart, and the good Lord will do the rest. My faith in God has brought me a long way and I am blessed every morning to wake up to a new day.

           I started Tennessee Protection Agency, Inc. in 1999  as a place to grow and provide quality service.