Tennessee Protection Agency, Inc.


"The Protection Advantage"

Unarmed training

4 hour course $130.00

Includes State requirements, Finger Prints, 3 Photographs, and Notary.

Monadnock baton

4 hour course $50.00

State of Tennessee and Federal Certification

ocat chemical spray

4 hour course $50.00

State of Tennessee and Federal Certification

Tennessee Armed Security

2 day course $90.00

Armed Security training as required by State of Tennessee

Upcoming classes

January 24th-25th

February 7th-8th

March 20th-21st

April 8th-9th 

Training Provided by Guy Personal Defense

Call in advance to reserve a space

At TPA training is a priority

Well trained Officers and Agents mean quality service for our clients and safety for our officers. Not only do we require our Officer to meet the State requirement, but we require additional on the job training to insure our standards.

Many of our officers are trained in first aid, CPR, AED.

All Officers are given site procedures to meet the clients specification. Incident training is part of our daily training knowledge. We use real life incidents to train for real life situations.

OCAT, Monadock, and handcuff course

8 hour course $100.00

Includes Baton, Spray, Handcuff, and Defense tactic courses